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第1题说地址,m88体育 居然没给拼,我显摆着词汇量就给写错了,人说的是Hill Road,我给写成了Hale Road

第3题原文是:I'm planning on staying a year. But at the moment, I'm definitely here for 4 months only. I have to get an extension to my permit.专门说出两个时间迷惑人,狡猾狡猾地。。。题目中有intended,所以应该回答女孩想要居住的时间,而不是确定居住的时间。第一次听到就答,对了;第二次听得更清楚,多想了想,却答错了。

第13题是词汇问题,听出了原文:At the last week of the season, we usually have a dinner and presentation of prizes to the players.但受法语词汇影响(法语中z不会出现在词首以外的位置),压根没想到prizes这个名词,写成了prices。

第20题原文:He will continue to supervise the teams at training sessions and on match days.第一遍没算是听清楚,记得supervise,也记得training,就没记住teams。

23题原文:and what they were set back by was high interest rates.听出了利率,但没写复数,两次都错。

28题原文:Personnally I'v got great hopes for it. I think it will recover.显然选C,they will overcome its problems.

29题原文:I think it can but it's not a foregone conclusion unless they manage to attract the right level of investment. The company definitely needs a boost...这题比较阴险,故意用含糊的一句话藏起答案,后面又喋喋不休说了很多不相关的东西,把人的注意力都吸引走。而且那个foregone实在是个够偏的词,我听好多次都没听出来,看了tapescript才知道。答案该选B:it has too little investment。

30题原文:...advertising campaign Karin, that's where they could do with some innovation to get sales kick-started.


31题原文:we run a series of talks which focus on different aspects of the library and its resources.很容易以题目中的descriptions去原文定位,结果人根本没用这个词,只是偷偷提了一下resources,之后大谈电脑云云,我就被忽悠去选C了,其实应该是B:listen to descriptions of library resources.

34题原文:Clearly some of you will find the printed version more accessible as it sits on the shelves, but I'm afraid the intention is to phase these out eventually.听出了phase these out,也知道是淘汰的意思,但没把它和纸质报刊联系起来。

37-40虽然只错一题,但纯粹是逻辑推出来的,根本没听明白,m88体育 原文说的太快,也没什么条理,所以专门多听了几遍。

39题原文:When you've got something together, the trainer here will look through the draft version for you to see if it's ok.显然该选B:library staff。用逻辑推错选了A。




12和13题错得都比较冤枉,定位和信息找得都对,纠结pottery和jewellery是不可数名词,要不要加复数(貌似经常见到jewellery加复数的情况),最后给加上了,就错了。。。原文在倒数第二段最后一句:The Acoma and San Ildefonso pueblos have established highly profitable pottery businesses, while the Navajo and Hopi groups have been similarly successful with jewellery.

19题该选I,it can shatter unexpectedly.对应于原文第一段第五行:...shattered without warning and fell from its frame.做题时一直在找名词性的词,对副词完全没考虑,自然也没想到定位到这里。

23题该选L,The frequency with which such problems occur is disputed by glass experts.和19题一样,思路错误,原文中专家意见分歧的意思是很明确的,但看到frequency就一直想去找到个数字作为frequency,当然没找到,结果就把倒数第二段中的一系列数字牵强附会成frequency,然后选了P。这是严重违背"找原文对应"这个考试阅读思路的。

38题同样错在复数上面,rainfall被我给加了个s,就错了。原文在第四段最后一句:desert annuals germinate, flower and seed whenever suitable rainfall occurs, regardless of the day length.