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java.lang.Object已经提供了一个默认的toString方法,它的返回值,是"[类名]@[对象的hash]",比如:"PhoneNumber@163b91"。这样的信息,显然不太有用。所以语言规范中建议开发者在所有Object的子类中都覆盖toString方法,manbet.com 以返回明确易读的关于对象的信息。

在覆盖toString方法时,应该返回关于对象的所有有用信息。如果对象中信息量巨大,那么应该返回一个概要。比如上面电话号码的例子,可以返回类似于"(707) 867-5309"的结果;而对于"曼哈顿黄页"这样的对象,可以返回"Manhattan white pages (1487536 listings)",而不是把所有的listing都列出来。

关于返回值的格式,可以在注释中以规范的形式公布,并且提供一个factory或者构造函数,让开发者可以方便地在对象和它的字符串表示之间转换。这样做的坏处是,一旦规范公布,并且类型被大量使用,之后就很难对其进行修改,manbet.com 因为那将破坏用户端代码。不管toString格式是否提供规范,都应该在注释中说明,比如下面是为item 9中PhoneNumber类定义的toString方法:

* Returns the string representation of this phone number.
* The string consists of fourteen characters whose format
* is "(XXX) YYY-ZZZZ", where XXX is the area code, YYY is
* the prefix, and ZZZZ is the line number. (Each of the
* capital letters represents a single decimal digit.)
* If any of the three parts of this phone number is too small
* to fill up its field, the field is padded with leading zeros.
* For example, if the value of the line number is 123, the last
* four characters of the string representation will be "0123".
* Note that there is a single space separating the closing
* parenthesis after the area code from the first digit of the
* prefix.
@Override public String toString() {
	return String.format("(%03d) %03d-%04d", areaCode, prefix, lineNumber);


* Returns a brief description of this potion. The exact details
* of the representation are unspecified and subject to change,
* but the following may be regarded as typical:
* "[Potion #9: type=love, smell=turpentine, look=india ink]"
@Override public String toString() { ... }