74 cambridge6 test1


manbet.com 错题:1,2,9,19,21,33,35,36,37

第1题当时完全没听出来,也没搞清楚为什么说游泳之类的,反正开头一段就听得懵懵懂懂,精听之后才搞清楚。原文是:We do have a keep-fit studio, which is very popular with members.

第2题原文:And then as well as that there is swimming of course.填swimming就好,我给加了个pool,应该是不会得分的。

第9题原文:Well, we book you in for an assessment with an instructor, who will show you how to use all the equipement.这个完全没听出来,乱写了一个guide。

19题原文:The Friday and Saturday performances sold out almost immediately, and in fact now there are only tickets for Monday and Thursday. 这个听对了,但Monday忘了首字母大写。

21题原文:Would it be possible to sit in on a teaching session to see what it's like? I haven't been a student for quite a while.这题是故意挖坑埋人,清清楚楚说一个case study,而后面的正主--课程试听--又容易被误认为是正式上课,没完全听清楚的,比如我,就不会去选attend a class。


33题是词汇问题,明明听出了"皮革产品",manbet.com 却写成了lether,虽然怎么看都不顺眼,但也没敢改过来。原文:The technology they introduced, meant that metal and leather goods were produced there for the first time.

35题完全没抓住,乱写了个country,没猜对,应该是England。原文是:...when much of the rest of England was suffering economically, a lot of agricultural workers came to the East End to look for alternative work.

36题根本没抓住关键词,应填built。原文:So marshland was drained and build on to house the large numbers of people now living there.

37题完全没听出来,应填poverty。原文:those who could afford to live in more pleasant surroundings moved out, and the area became one where the vast majority of people lived in extreme poverty, and suffered from appalling sanitary conditions.



第1题没找好对应,原文B段第三行:AIS scientists work across a number of sports, applying skills learned in one...很好地对应于第一题的信息。

第9题同样,到处找将来时态也没找到,结果错选了C。其实应该在D段靠近中间的地方:...they are developing unobtrusive sensors that will be embedded in an athlete's cloths or running shoes to monitor heart rate...显然是还没有实际应用。

答12题的时候,完全没注意到E段的内容,第二句话:Well before a championship, sports scientists and coaches start to prepare the athlete by developing a "competition model", based on what they expect will be the winning times.很好地对应于题目,应填competition model。

21题原文对应肯定是D段第一句:Countries still trade disproportionately with their geographic neighbours.我现在也不赞同题目中说的Most countries continue to prefer to trade with nearby nations.因为我觉得disproportionately可以理解为"很多",但远不足以说是most。比如60%也可以说是disproportionately,但却不是most。保留意见吧。

23题现在的确觉得选G更通顺一些,我原本选了H。填完之后应该是:Modern cargo-handling methods have had a significant effect on trade as the business of moving freight around the world becomes increasingly streamlined.不过至今也没在原文中找到对应。