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第2题,manbet.com 坑爹的题目,简简单单的January不好好说。原文是:date of birth: the twenty-seventh of the first 1973.丫一月还能说成the first??

第3题没啥说的,15 riverside听出来了,又没首字母大写,这点上我在已经没救了。。。

19题在某个瞬间footbridge应该是进了我耳朵,但明显没进脑子,过后就只记得bridge了。原文是:...watching the water pass by underneath as you cross the footbridge...

21题开头他们说得很多很快,只听出xxx industry,漏了entertainment。原文是:We have to look at one area of the entertainment industry...

22题听出来了,但telephone interview没写复数。原文:...we have to do telephone interviews...

24题速度很快,没跟上。原文:...most of my female friends like the same music as me.说话者是男的,所以填male and female。觉得这题出得很没意思。

27题原文:What about concerts? ...we should include live music as well.答案给的是concerts,我填了live music,应该两者都能得分才对。

30题没话说,manbet.com 故意坑人的题目,没意思,专门到关键处加快语速,稍不小心就漏掉了,应填opera house。

33题原文:But this method would have severely restricted the range of the colonizing fleets.该选A。当时受前面提到的石头船影响,后面又没完全跟上语速,于是猜测船本身有问题,错选了B。

34题原文:The main evidence for their presence consists of impressions on pottery, where a cereal grain accidentally became embedded in the surface of a pot before it was fired. The grain itself was destroyed by the firing, but it left an impression on the pot which could be studied and identified by the botanists.答案是B:the marks left on pots by grains




第3题正确答案是J,我选了B。其实当时选B没啥依据,纯粹是没找到对应。现在才一眼看到J段第一句就是对应:And it has all happened so quickly...

第37题,因为33-36的对应都在第六段中,所以37也习惯性地在里面找,因为没找到所以选了C,认为两者都没有。实际上对应在上一段:The monkey projects demonstrate that, compared with control animals that eat normally, caloric-restricted monkeys have lower body temperatures and levels of the pancreatic hormone insulin...既然实验猴子激素水平低,那对照组就相对较高,所以37题选B:对照组。